Hello hi! Thank you so much for taking interest on my stuffs and checking out my commission information!!!For now, I mainly focus drawing girls and chibis in anime like style. Speaking about my style, it can be varied depend on the situation and request, so make sure to communicate together about your desired style for me to draw in!Here's some little things about me!!

NameAnna Freyya
BirthdayJune 11th
Height157 cm
Color Code#7B76D4


Commission Information

◈ Fanart
◈ Original Characters
◈ BL / GL
◈ Kemonomimi
◈ Animal
◈ Furry
◈ Mecha
◈ Armor and weaponry
◈ Scenery / Background
◈ Hate-based art

◈ The price listed is the price per character
◈ Commercial use of the work will be extra 75% of the original price
◈ The price for NSFW works will be increased according to the details requested, starting from IDR 100.000
◈ Rush order will be discussed first


Social Media Following Rules
> I interact using mixed languages
> My words is not the most nicest to hear, but I tried to not curse a lot
> I follow a lot of people and will retweet a lot
> If your timeline is trashed by me, feel free to mute me
> Hate accounts will be automaticly blocked
> Beware and keep in mind that most of my retweet and post is not safe for work
> If I don't know you, please don't expect me to follow you back. DM me about it and then I will do it.
> If I say or do something wrong, feel free to correct and educate me on the subject
> Have fun!!
Commission Term and Condition
> I have the right to accept or decline your commission request
> The final work may or may not will be used as portfolio
> Half payment is due before any work begins, and the other half is due before final delivery of completed piece
> Deadlines will need to be stated before placing an order (additional charges may apply)
> An additional charge may apply for extra major revision, custom background, and complex character
> If I miss the deadline/take more than 3 months to finish the work you may request to cancel the whole order. You will be fully refunded and you will not receive your commissioned piece
> I do not consent for my arts to be used as NFTs or other commercial sold
> Final piece will be sent through a google drive folder link
> I accept payment via BRI and local e-wallet (GOPAY, DANA, SHOPEEPAY)

Art Portofolio

You can see my other arts here and here
Want to peek my old ones? Here ya' go!